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CASL: Does CASL apply to my business?

Posted on May 20, 2014
Mireille Tessier

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Email Marketing
  • Matt – @emailkarma

    Relying on email ending in .ca is simply not enough – .com is still the most popular TDL in Canada for consumers and businesses.

  • cakemail_mireille

    Hey Matt!

    Absolutely. Using “.ca” is only one way to check. The best method is to ask, since even Geolocation is iffy (for example, emails sent to Gmail addresses are shown as being opened in California, even if the recipient is in Canada).

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • dotMailer

    Hi Guys, This is a great article and infographic – mind if we reblog for our UK-based clients?

  • cakemail_mireille

    Hey! Glad you liked it. Feel free to reblog and share with your clients – just give credit where it’s due. :)