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CASL: Now Featured
in Canadian Inboxes Near You

Posted on May 16, 2014
Mireille Tessier

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Email Marketing
  • Dan

    Is this only for B2C relationships? Or does it also apply to B2B?

  • cakemail_mireille

    Hi Dan!
    The new law applies to both, business and consumer relationships.

  • Nick

    Does this also apply to clients who we ask to confirm their email and decided to opt-in additionally or if we have to contact them for billing purposes?

  • cakemail_mireille

    From:, p3:

    “The following messages are exempt from CASL’ s consent requirement but not its form and content requirements. In each case, in order to benefit from the exemption, the activity described below must be the message’s sole purpose:

    CEMs that facilitate, confirm or complete a commercial
    transaction that the recipient previously agreed to enter into”

    The PDF from Blakes goes over a lot of the details regarding CASL, and is a good read if you have specific questions.

    You might also want to seek formal legal counsel to get answers that are specific to your needs. :)