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Deliverability Quiz 2013 Now Open

Posted on December 3, 2013
Kevin Huxham

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  • Guest

    No answer key after submitting? :(

  • cakemail_mireille

    You get a password for the answer key in your inbox after submitting. Ping us back if you didn’t get it yet.

  • jimmymtl

    Can we “discuss” the answers? I agree with all of them except the first “official” answer which I contend confuses the definition of deliverability with the concept of placement. While one of the items in the list clearly affects whether or not the email will be delivered to the inbox, the other will determine its relative priority/timing of delivery and/or highlighting in the users stream (depending on view by web-interface or IMAP/POP access).

    While esoteric, it’s arguable that today’s deliverability is clearly affected more by one factor than the “official” answer, despite what Tom says in his article, precisely because the definition of the “official” answer is largely amorphous, black-box algorithms churning in the background of different ISPs. Let’s be clear: AOL, Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft do not share their recipes.

    In fact, because of the massively real-time nature of the systems, email that generates a certain buzz (of one kind in the list) can result in delivered mail being pulled from the inbox after the fact – and that’s today – not “coming soon.” Of course one could reasonably argue that it’s mostly semantics, but diverting mail from the inbox to the spam folder (or the bit bucket) is precisely what one of those options does more than the “official” answer.

    By the way, this quiz is essential is really well-timed and brings up excellent points all around. The team really does rock for producing this fun challenge. Kudos Kevin!

  • Jordie van Rijn

    Too bad there were sooo much CASL questions. Not really relevant for all.

  • cakemail_mireille

    I understand the sentiment, however it’s important to remember that CASL is applicable for anyone who sends *to* or *from* Canada.

  • Kevin Huxham

    Hi Jimmy,

    Thanks for the great feedback. This question was on the premise that both bounces + complaints get removed. If your open rate stinks and engagement numbers are low, your delivery is going to remain very low. Almost every receiver today is watching for this. Why? because “spammers” are never going to get the opens we do… but..

    ..because you used so many fancy words, I will give you 1/2 point for this reply. :-)

    Good luck!