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Tabs: Gmail’s new Inbox

Posted on July 25, 2013
Mireille Tessier

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  • Lim

    a good lecture, thanks ;-)

  • cakemail_mireille

    Glad you liked it!

  • Aron Baczoni

    Thanks Mireille for the mention!

  • cakemail_mireille

    How could I not? I loved this point in particular:

    “If a user clicks on the Promotions tab it means he or she has at least a few spare moments to check out and only focus on promotions and newsletters. You’re not interrupting anymore, the user choose this, he wants to see the promotions and emails that ended up here. ”

    So thank you for being one of my inspirations!

  • Kevin Huxham

    Great post Mireille!

    It’s also important to mention that Gmail’s new “Promotions” tab is not the Spam folder. The “Promotions” tab is still the Inbox, it’s just a new way Gmail is organizing the Inbox for their user base.

    Each time Gmail does a change to their interface, there is an adjustment period afterwards while their Bayesian filters learn from the actions of each user. By moving emails to the folder you want, the system will learn how each user wants their Inbox organised in the future. It’s certainly no time to panic, or change the way we send emails to Google.

    Kevin Huxham
    Director of Deliverability – CakeMail Inc.