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Engagement – Now More Important Than Ever!

Posted on September 1, 2010
Kevin Huxham

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3 responses to “Engagement – Now More Important Than Ever!”

  1. Do you know ifGmail’s priority inbox is stricter (in terms of what is received) for new accounts? Or do they model new accounts as completely unfiltered and as the user begins to showcase reading patterns the filters change?

  2. Kevin Huxham Kevin says:

    Hi Justin,

    That is an excellent question. Gmail’s new Priority Inbox is still in BETA testing, which means it is not enabled by default (even for brand new accounts) and it is still being perfected. Gmail uses their existing spam filtering solution to sort your email into 1 of the 3 categories as best they can, but like every spam filter it can sometimes make mistakes, which is why this new system is so clever. It will effectively sit on your shoulder observing what you read/open/delete/click/etc. and adjust itself accordingly. I wouldn’t call it “stricter” but more of an “untailored” version of the original. :-)

    Thanks for reading!


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